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Cabals of the Second City

Name Description
The Hipflask Mercenaries, Artifact Dealers
The Castle Silver Ladder focused
The Geos Baseball Libertines
The Mercurials Mystagogue Librarians
The Daedalus Elect Primarily Libertine cabal
Walsh Industries Pre-eminent GoV cabal
Cassandra’s Visions GoV/AA cabal based around the local occult underground
Open Source Techno-magic themed Libertine cabal
The Abbatoir Freaky AA cabal and sanctum

A Brief History of the Consilii of the Second City

Over the next year and a half, you learn the following things about the history of Chicago’s magical society:

-It’s said that there may have been American Arrows at Fort Dearborn during the massacre of 1812, and that they did battle with native warrior shaman, but that’s basically supposition.

-By the mid nineteenth century, the first consili had formed, made up of Thearchs and Arrows who took it on themselves to bring law and society to Chicago. They weren’t the first Awakened in the city, but they were the first to organize, and they wormed their way into law enforcement and government. They were opposed by a disparate set of apostates, mostly from among the lower class. This civilizing of Chicago often turned violent.

-In late 1871, the Great Chicago Fire swept through the city. This supposedly birthed a profoundly powerful fire elemental, but evidence of such an entity is sketchy at best.

-In 1893, the World’s Fair made Chicago the most important city in America. The city grew, and the Awakened population exploded. Many of the newly-Awakened and newly-arrived magi fell into small, organized bands of apostates who spurned the ancient ways of the consilium.

-Starting in 1900, many of the above apostates came together over the years under the banner of the Free Council.

-The first Seer influence in the city was noted from around 1900. The Seers and the Mysterium entered into conflict over the city’s public, university and research libraries, especially the central Chicago Public Library. This conflict went back and forth for the history of the city. Currently the Seers are winning, having solidified control over the CPL in the aftermath of the Mage War.

-After World War I, there was a tremendous influx of Awakened blacks from the south who brought a lot of new magical styles with them. They tended to settle in the Free Council, though a few joined the Mysterium.

-During the twenties and thirties, the violence of the Chicago gang wars spurred (or acted as cover for) violence between Awakened cabals. The consilium began to divide along ethnic lines. The Arrows began to skew Irish, the Guardians Italian, and conflict between the two groups began decreasing the prestige of both. Eventually the Thearch Hierarch cracked down hard, and the council established strong laws against killing Pentacle magi. The Mysterium supported the Ladder in this, and these two orders became prominent among the council.

-During the forties and fifties, spurred by the successes of the Manhattan Project and various cultural movements, the Free Council grew in membership and prominence, becoming the largest single order in the city, Beginning in the late fifties, the Libertines began several initiatives in an attempt to modernize and democratize the consilium, aiming to unseat the Hierarch in the process. Though they were the largest individual order, they were opposed by all four of the diamond orders, and these initiatives were not successful.

-In the early sixties, the Libertines broke away from the consilium to form their own Assembly. This wasn’t opposed actively by the diamond orders. Actively being the key word.

-In the seventies, rumors of a powerful artifact called the Celestial Flange began circulating among the Awakened of the city. Competition over information about the Flange was often heated, especially between consilium and assembly magi.

-In 1987, all-out war erupted. The specifics aren’t clear, but the general consensus was that one cabal, in search of information on the Flange, invaded the sanctum of a Mysterium cabal called Delphi and killed its membership. This set off a chain reaction of political alliances that brought almost every cabal in the city (and some outside of it) into the conflict. Some cabals and solitaries fled or went into hiding. The Seers got involved. Almost everyone died. It was very, very ugly. Things got bad enough that the Silver Ladder, on a national level, strongly suggested magi avoid Chicago (and forbade non-Lictor Thearchs from entering the city).

-In the aftermath, Airyaman of the Hip Flask took the Hierarch position and began coaxing magi from elsewhere to Chicago. One of the cabals that answered his call were a group of experienced Guardians from London (where the Guardians are, apparently, traditionally in control); this was Walsh Industries. They wasted no time in establishing a strong Guardian hierarchy. They gained so much influence and wealth so quickly, in fact, that many suspect that they had already been intending to move in and that perhaps the Guardians even engineered the Mage War.

-Airyaman stepped down from the Hierarch’s chair and Manipra took it. He invited in the Abattoir cabal to help root out rogue elements and neutralize some Seer influence, eventually convincing the nomadic Arrows to put down roots.

-Since then, the city has been slowly rebuilding. That process is ongoing.

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