Cabals of Second City

Cabals of the Second City

The Hipflask

Mercenaries, Artifact Dealers

Airyaman* Mysterium Acanthus Hierophant
Rose* Mysterium Thyrsus Herald
Melpomene Mysterium Acanthus Provost (Libra)
Belisama Mysteruyn Obrimos
Webber Wormwood Mysterium Moros
Protagoras Guardian of the Veil Mastigos Sentinel

The Castle
Silver Ladder focused

Eleagia* Silver Ladder Obrimos
Altus Vulcanis ,Silver Ladder Mastigos Councilor
L’Etranger Silver Ladder Thyrsus Provost (Altus Vulcanis)
Bella Lundi Silver Ladder Moros Sentinel
Llewellyn Silver Ladder Acanthus

The Geos
Baseball Libertines

Triplex Free Council Acanthus Herald
Southpaw Free Council Obrimos Provost
Grand Slam Free Council Thyrsus
Pennant Free Council Mastigos

The Mercurials
Mystagogue Librarians

Libra Mysterium Acanthus Councilor, Curator, Censor
Frigga Mysterium Thyrsus
Kore Mysterium Acanthus

h2.The Daedalus Elect
Primarily Libertine cabal (Deceased?)

Walsh Industries
Pre-eminent Guardian of the Veil cabal

Manipra* Guardian of the Veil Mastigos Hierarch
Saena Guardian of the Veil Obrimos Provost (Manipra)
Mimir Guardian of the Veil Moros
Kukulkan Guardian of the Veil Mastigos

Cassandra’s Visions
GoV/Adamantine Arrow cabal based around the local occult underground

Cassandra Guardian of the Veil Obrimos
Deathsong Adamantine Arrow Moros Councilor
Aquamundi Guardian of the Veil Thyrsus
Rebus Guardian of the Veil Mastigos
Taliesin* Guardian of the Veil Acanthus

Open Source
Techno-magic themed Libertine cabal

Laplace* Free Council Mastigos Councilor
Zerb Free Council Acanthus
Ethernet Free Council Obrimos
Double Aught Free Council Mastigos
Player1 Free Council Acanthus

The Abbatoir
Freaky Adamantine Arrow cabal and sanctum

The Chevalier Adamantine Arrow Acanthus Sentinel
Princess Kundalini Adamantine Arrow Thyrsus Provost(Death Song)
Maxwell Nightshade Adamantine Arrow Mastigos
Madame Strega Mysterium Acanthus

The Pilgrims’ Progress

Pilgrim Adamantine Arrow Obrimos
Wicker Mysterium Acanthus
Edge Guardians of the Veil Mastigos
Julia Free Council Thyrsus
Dylan Free Council Moros

The Society of Skulls

Rook Adamantine Arrow Moros
Antigone Guardians of the Veil Moros
Shiver Adamantine Arrow Mastigos

The Sidereal Ascendant

Peregrine Silver Ladder Mastigos
Eyre Silver Ladder Acanthus
Horatio Locke Silver Ladder Moros
Julian Silver Ladder Obrimos
Hikari Silver Ladder Thyrsus

Solomon’s Lesson

Epee* Silver Ladder Mastigos
Melody Guardians of the Veil Acanthus
Mobius Silver Ladder Acanthus
Pentus Mysterium Moros
Neutral Adamantine Arrow Obrimos

The Celestial Harvest

Tower Mysterium Obrimos
Slate Free Council Thyrsus
Root Mysterium Acanthus
Meta Free Council Obrimos
Lyra Silver Ladder Mastigos

The Starry Night

Orion Aeternum Mysterium Acanthus
Impact Mysterium Moros
Andromeda Guardians of the Veil Obrimos
Pleiades Free Council Mastigos (Mad)

Cabals of Second City

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