2nd City



Quick Draft!


Manipra surveys his city, allowing himself the glimmer of pride for having some part in its restitution. Cangianté in a suit with a bright tie shoots him… dead?

July ?, 2014

  • Root talks about the Litany and the Disciples requirement to mitigate the chance of world-shattering Paradox.
  • Cangianté talks about Morvan and going to Boston.

Root finds out that Morvan & Airyaman didn’t get along because Morvan didn’t like people who didn’t share a high opine of his own self worth, and ditto awakened in general.
Root gets number for Potestas. Leaves a message referencing the various “air/bird” key phrases for Mystery Initiation. Airyaman tells Root a package will find him @ Boston, and he’s to bring it back to Airyaman.

Tower goes to Athenaeum to find a book by Morvan; comes back instead with a book about the Fallen Realms, b/c that phrase reminds him of something Root said about the Blood of the Fallen Realms being needed as a sacrament to cast the LItany.

Cangianté doesn’t like the way he paints now – it has better structure, but less passion? DIscussion w/familiar about shape changing and body possessing.

Root asks Libra if they can do Mystagogue business/“Library exchange” whilst out in Boston. She shifts from avarice to suspicion to [I forget], but then tells him to take a package to Chain Parris. (When Root later looks for a gift to bring to Potestas via Fate magic – it is strongly alluded to that Potestas would like to have whatever is in the sealed package for Chain Parris.) Also, Libra mentions that if they find any items that would be of value to Chicago’s collection, she can arrange a trade.

Root auguries Meta+danger+Boston: Gets something about alleyways and ducking into a door by herself.
Discussion about whether she should go, decide it’s up to her since she’s a full member of the cabal.

Roof battle w/7 Conflagrations & Trilby.
Postcog – it’s as if those moments in time erased; but "the city remembers.’
Root stays to do temporal sympathy spell to find the beer can. Winds up in crazy paradox and seeing Olmsted and many other versions of himself. Olmsted says something about Herald getting them in the end. “burnt” impressions in grass.
Root rifles through Cangianté’s things to find gun because of Bedlam: Fixation to awaken Martha.

Meanwhile, rest of cabal goes to Cassandra’s Visions. Turns out the rock holding the spirit was broken – Taliesin & Cassandra couldn’t see who did it b/c of similar time issue that Root’s postcog ran into when Herald was around.

7 Conflagrations shows up again. Epic battle. Again. Tower & Deathsong are severely burned. Rest are okay.

Rose called to heal them, they go to Parker House.

Root purchases gun, does his time sight, shoot, time undo thing w/Martha. Mad paradox ensues. Uh oh, she’s now bleeding out (how did that happen!?) and Root is at least partially made out of marble now?



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