Given that Lyra plays a larger part in this story than she does in most, I wanted to talk a little about what she’s like from my perspective, and what makes her tick (and, to a lesser extent, what differentiates her from our absent Necromancer).

Lyra’s more like me than most characters I make, Storyteller or otherwise. She holds herself to a strict internal set of ethical standards, and she expects everyone else to live up to them, too, becoming irate with them when they fall short. Thing is, it’s not very fair of her because those rules are internal; she doesn’t express her exacting expectations of others to them. She just sees right action as self-evident, which is why it upsets her so much when others stray from it. It’s obvious to her how to be good.

Lyra’s generally incredibly careful. She’d rather discuss a problem, examining it from every angle, before choosing a response to it, and she’s quick to play devil’s advocate or point out flaws in a line of reasoning. “But what if…” is a common prefix to her thought patterns. It could be argued that this is actually a result of fear of consequence or lack of confidence.

At the same time, her observance of her internal ethical standards and the care she takes in approaching problems means that she very rarely makes serious errors in judgment – something that makes her rather prone to overestimating herself. It’s never her that’s wrong; it’s the rest of the world. And even while she’s holding others to invisible standards, she would never describe herself as judgey. After all, she has very few prejudices based on race or sexuality (though she’s almost rabidly anti-theist). She judges others based on what they do rather than what they are, which would make her a very good thearch, if she were expressing her expectations and guiding others to better action.

It goes without saying, but Lyra loves music, and it’s something she’s quite good at. She finds music magical – it’s basically an additional sense, an additional way of parsing and understanding the wavelengths of sound waves – the fact that there are these specific set frequencies that humans can recognize and combine into aesthetically pleasing compositions, and that those frequencies follow set physical laws, it’s truly incredible. When she’s not making music, she’s often listening to it. At the very least, she’s humming, and she’s made no secret of the fact that she hears magic rather than seeing it. Resonance is truly resonant for her.

She’s also pretty good at people, especially people she doesn’t know (who she expects less of than those she counts as friends). She’s incredibly empathetic, which allows her to make quick (albeit shallow) bonds with people, and she tends to know how to navigate and calm anger. Ironically, she often feels alone, even in crowds.

Lyra and Autumn share a cynical sense of humor, but Autumn’s tends to be significantly more morbid and existential, a kind of gallows humor applied universally, while Lyra’s leans towards poking at the foibles and failings of individuals and institutions. While Autumn possesses a deep fondness for all things vintage (especially clothes and literature, though she’d even rather play Frogger than Halo), Lyra is decidedly of the now. She likes her media digital and her clothes stylish. Even her taste in music extends to EDM and current pop.

A few other factoids:

  • Lyra loves vegetables and finds meat gross at best and abhorrent in its rawer forms.
  • Lyra bristles at any attempt to define her based on her gender and sexuality. She’s not a girl (or woman), she’s an individual. She’s not gay, straight or bi, she’s just interested in people.
  • Lyra’s something of an ecstatic – she seeks the out-of-body, thoughtless experience.
  • Lyra’s got a degree in Film from SAIC, and she’s currently in the Film, Video and New Media (FVNM) Master’s program.
  • She seems to have only the vaguest sense of what she wants to do with this. She’s quite good at video editing and likes to make music videos that she posts online that combine looped samples of jazz phrases and sweeping synths with quickcuts of imagery from around the city.





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