Ethan Moody


Albeit no stranger to the ubiquitous hoody, Ethan actually tries to dress appropriately for whatever occasion he finds himself in. The one near-constant these days is a green canvas messenger bag, packed with practical and magical tools.

Magical Tools

Silver Bowl (Time)

A small, medium sized silver dish, its surface marked by the occasional surface scratch or mark.


Ethan’s from Indiana, and while he didn’t exactly grow up on a farm, his upbringing was rural enough for him to play at the affectation. Initially he wanted to work in radio, and he met Don and Tycho through the student radio station, but over his time at Northwestern his attention turned from radio engineering to civil engineering. Ethan volunteers at a meals-on-wheels-esque organization that provides food and companionship to older people. One of his favorites, Mr. Ellsworth, was an architect before he retired, and the pair tell stories of the golden age of Chicago architecture. Ethan recently convinced Ellsworth to move into the building next door to his own. Ethan’s still hung up on his college girlfriend, who dumped him in their final semester because she was looking for something more serious and adult. That hasn’t stopped him from making out with Don’s sister, Ashley, however. It was a one-time thing, but he hasn’t exactly discouraged her calls. Meanwhile, he’s on course to graduate this month, if he doesn’t fail any of his finals, and he’s waiting to hear on his acceptance into the school’s graduate program. Ethan sleepwalks.

Ethan Moody

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