Don Shaver



Current Shadowname: Tower.
Path: Obrimos.

Don graduated from Northwestern’s Radio Communications program last year, and has since gotten a not-so-dream job in his dream industry: a production assistant in an 80’s station. NPR it’s not, but at least it’s a step in the right direction. He’s from Aurora, IL, has a younger sister named Ashley and an even younger sister named Liz. His girlfriend Joyce, who graduated with him, has moved down into Ravenswood and works in the city. Don shares an Evanston apartment with his friend Ethan in a building owned by his other friend’s dad. Rent is reasonable. Don’s a bit of an urban athlete, taking great pleasure in cycling Evanston and its environs and kayaking on the Lake. Like many men his age, he also enjoys pot and alcohol.


Don Shaver

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