Turns out I’m impatient. So let’s chat about the dearly-departed.

Autumn’s life has largely been defined by the death of her twin sister in a car accident when they were young. It impressed on her the transitory nature of things, of how brief life is at its longest, and gave her an appreciation for those things that manage to transcend that to any extent, to have a lasting impact of any kind. She loves ideas, religions, philosophies, and history, as well as well-crafted items, because these things have the potential to connect humans beyond death, transcending the limitations of time. Through the creation of something, an individual can reach across the decades and touch her descendants.

Her familiarity with death, however, has also given her a somewhat morbid outlook. Everything dies, everything ends, so it’s hard to say something – anything – matters. Autumn responds to this by choosing what matters to her and pursuing that. That’s all you can do, she’d say, assign meaning for yourself and live by that. This would probably be a point of likemindedness between her and Lyra, did they not choose to live for such radically different things.

Autumn’s a voracious reader, which is an extension of her deep curiosity about the world. She wants to know everything, which helps her as a spy but truly makes her shine as an investigator. Her magic is geared towards uncovering and discovering things others might miss, and she has a surprising number of rotes for the covert spells of the Unveiling and Knowing practices. She has a strong ability to distill disparate information and intuit from it its essence.

Autumn prefers to analyze a subject carefully, then find the simplest, safest solution to a given problem. She studied Forces in order to scramble hard drives and disengage security systems and to hear and see distant marks. She took up Prime in order to dismantle dangerous spells. Rather than study deeply any specific Arcanum (other than Death), she plans to have a smattering of knowledge of every Arcanum, allowing her both to glean the maximum amount of information from the world around her and to use her middling Prime skills to best effect.

Whether as a result of her Stygian Awakening or her time among the Guardians, she’s willing to take morally-ambiguous shortcuts in pursuit of her goals. The moment to moment doesn’t matter to her nearly as much as the long term.

That said, she’s occasionally prone to massive leaps of logic that don’t hold up under scrutiny, and she has a hard time admitting fault, especially with regard to her decision-making. This may be part of why she doesn’t enjoy being subordinate to others, though part of that is simply a preference for isolation.

Perhaps as a side-effect of her hunger for knowledge, perhaps owing to her tutelage under Walsh Industries, Autumn pays more attention to Awakened politics than most of the cabal, even Lyra. While the thearch has a better understanding of the Lex and how things should be, Autumn has a more practical overview of how things are.

She sees everything through the lens of the Death Arcanum. All things end, and endings leave their marks. The dead shades of Stygia whisper to her the secrets of active spells, and resonance is revealed by the whispers of the departed, whispers that linger long after even the ghosts that spoke them have faded.

She likes old things, because they have weight to them, a kind of metaphysical inertia. She wears mourning dresses that have seen countless funerals and reads first editions of the Gothic and Romantic writers. Her keeps a record player in her room, and listens to old vinyls of big band and swing, as well as indie folk and alt-country that calls to mind older forms.

Other factoids:

  • Her real name is Brie Matthews. Her twin sister was Casey.
  • Autumn doesn’t much like athletic activity, or really moving much at all. She’s happiest sitting stock still in a library or bookshop, slowly devouring an old tome, a statue save for her hungry eyes or the turn of a page.
  • Autumn has a great deal of almost fatherly affection for Mimir, a man most of the city’s other Awakened treat with… let’s say nervous caution.
  • Her favorite instrument is the harpsichord. What? She just likes the way it sounds.
  • Of the mages who run bookshops in Chicago, Autumn is the most successful. It’s because she focuses on feel-good new-agey crap rather than authentic and rare old tomes.
  • Autumn is tall, but she walks with a slouch. Perhaps because she was self-conscious about her height.
    Spirits skeeve her the fuck out. At least most of them stay in their own little netherworld.



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