The Second City

Our story began with an old man. Simon Ellsworth, new next-door neighbor to the characters, apprehends them one morning on their way to the Lake, telling them of Chicago’s bloody, blistering history. He spoke of Burnham and Root. Of Angelic whispers and the thundering voice of the El. He spoke gangland violence and political machination. He spoke of ghosts, literal and metaphorical that haunt the gridded streets. Of the river. Of the lake. Of the fire.

Arc I: The Perfect City

Story 1: Chicago Workings

  • Chapter I: Things Were Good When We Were Young

Story 2: A Heap of Broken Images:

  • Chapter IV: [TITLE REDACTED]
  • Chapter :Secret, Sweet and Sublime

Story 3: The Corpse You Planted

Okay, so we may have fallen behind in keeping this wiki up to date… not all sessions recorded, but plenty of notes left to transfer (?) from Evernote.

Main Cast


2nd City