Meta’s a bit of a weirdo.


Newest member of the Celestial Harvest.

Obrimos, Free Council

On one hand, she’s what most people would consider a genius. She was in college at sixteen and had two advanced degrees (one of them in physics) before turning 21. She grasps complex concepts quickly and makes logical conclusions so quickly that it seems almost like instinct.

She’s also very conventionally attractive. She’s got clear, pale, slightly freckled skin, straight, red hair, full lips and huge, blue eyes. She’s thin and of average height, and she knows how to wear make-up and dress to flatter her figure.

That said, she’s terrible with people. She possesses a base level of raw charisma that comes from her appearance and infectious enthusiasm, but this is quickly undermined by her flakiness and a directness that verges on rudeness. She becomes easily frustrated by people who don’t think as quickly as she does (almost everyone) and has absolutely no patience for anyone who doesn’t immediately accept her as their (at least) equal. While she initially attacks new tasks with impassioned tenacity, she has very little ability to stick with something after she becomes bored by it.

Meta believes in an orderly universe in which an explanation exists for everything (though she readily admits that many explanations haven’t been found yet, and some may not be findable on the scale of existence at which humans operate). She doesn’t respond incredibly well to people who are intrinsically disordered (Root). She can become flustered in the face of the unexpected.

Meta considers herself much funnier than most other people consider her. What she considers humor often comes off as silliness or frivolity to others.

Meta’s closet is a bit more country and conservative than many other members of the cabal. She has knit cardigans, blouses with ruffles, skirts in a variety of plaids, and dresses of gingham.


Born Elisabeth (Liz) Shelby, Meta grew up in Cary, North Carolina and attended UNC for undergrad before pursuing advanced studies at Duke (physics) and U of C (law). She had recently followed her artistic bent to SAIC when she started renting space at MEAT, meeting the cabal, and Awakening.

In the years since, Meta has taken to the Mysteries with aplomb. She’s an examiner, and her favored pursuits include exploring magic through the lens of Prime and tampering with the raw material of the Fallen with Matter. Thus far, magic has captivated, wowed, and inspired her, and never, ever bored her.

Meta dropped out of SAIC almost immediately after Awakening. She’s thrown herself entirely into magical study, only taking a job at all on the insistence of Lyra (and perhaps other members of the cabal). She currently works reception at the MCA, where she spends most of her time playing games online or bent over an esoteric text.


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