Martha Rebworth

An attractive brunette in her mid-30s with coffee-colored eyes and a smattering of freckles.


Martha Thomas Rebworth is a woman in her mid-thirties (in 2008 – she’s about ten years older than Root), an attractive brunette with coffee-colored eyes and a smattering of freckles. She has a passing interest in fashion and tends to dress well, often in tight jeans or pants paired with sweaters or loose shirts and scarves. She favors earth tones and gray in her wardrobe, though her scarves and hats are often bright primary colors.

Martha got a non-trivial amount of money from her husband when he died, so she doesn’t have to work. That said, she’s a docent at the Chicago History Museum in Lincoln Park, which is within walking distance of the Lakeview home she shared with her late husband.


Martha loves classical and jazz music. She’s an ardent dancer and loves dancing to those styles (as well as quicker, but practiced styles like salsa and swing). She has little interest in the wild, improvised dancing typical of rock and pop. She’s an NPR obsessive, and it’s almost always playing in her home. She even has a portable radio she listens to when exercising or walking to work.

She’s also a voracious reader. Her favorite books are popular histories and popular science, biographies, and – though she’s not quick to admit it – fantasy novels with strong female protagonists. She’s also obsessed with A Song of Ice and Fire, though she’s got some serious issues with the way it presents certain things like gender and race.

She’s a tremendous closet nerd and a little bit of a weirdo. She obsesses over city history and follows city politics closely. She loves architecture, especially in Chicago, and she knows the history of every neighborhood. She also loves ghosts tours, and knows all of the “haunted” locales of Chicago. She used to ride horses and is very fond of them.

Martha’s a pretty limited cook (Daniel did the cooking), but she’s making a conscious effort to expand her repertoire. She’s deeply addicted to caffeine, smokes on rare occasions (a cigarette a week or so), but drinks rarely (usually red wine, sometimes straight bourbon). She never does drugs, though she admits to having smoked pot a few times in her “wild teenage years.”

Martha retains a circle of close friends from her college years (she went to Northwestern, too), and they have a weekly girls’ night out that usually involves Mexican food and copious margaritas. Sometimes they go bowling instead. Martha’s a pretty mean bowler.

Martha Rebworth

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