2nd City

Between the Books

Book 2 and 3

Less of a session, more of an interlude review.


  • Verifies banes, again
  • Fire is biggest threat; they should leave Chicago and never look back
  • Caligiante: standing his ground when he should run


  • Lyra’s use of vulgar magic and her faith of rule of law in Chicago consilium


  • Sacrament: brass key (her key to meat)
  • her cabal is her greatest danger
  • safest thing for her to do is join a different cabal
  • specifically cabal is going to face difficulties that she is not ready to deal with.

Book Author

  • sketches author: Asian lady, long hair; 15 or 80 :p

Tower & the Stone

  • if he dies, soul stone goes to Bellisama or if she is gone, the athenaeum
  • writes a bit about the legacy to submit to athenaeum/Libra
  • Root & Tower are willing to be co-acquisitors
  • Slate would notice, but not anyone else, would note that Tower doesn’t age. He informs Tower.

Tower Lichdom

  • Augury shows Tower in some library with a lamp, light kept tight around him via magic. Reading books on soul removal and Lichdom. He looked same age, yet haggard. Like years wore on him.
  • Told slate about the Lichdom, but not soul removal. Possibly something new.
  • Root & Lyra facing off, magical items in hand; in our fifties.
  • sense is that it could tear cabal apart
  • Root & Tower; tweedy suit, 40s, walking through dirt path/forest. Tower looks same, “look, I don’t know how it works, their magic tends to be wildly variable. It could be you eat something, but we’ll see when we buy it. Like like a ren fair in visual and aural presentation.
  • last thing Root hears Root say is, “Let’s buy you a soul.”
  • also worth noting, Root walked with bad limp and had a cane.
  • nothing weird about Tower via time
  • Root asks Airyaman about it; tells him about spirit lich and to tell him about it four years ago. (Root would try if he could)
  • Tower talks to Webber about it; he casts something. Reddish grey fog swirls, following his fingers. Tower smells musty paper, flipping pages as if the books sprouted wings and fly around room. W gathers smoke in his hands, pokes and prods it. “Interesting.” Smoke dissipates. “You’ve sustained a spiritual injury.”
  • “this reminds me of something, but it reminds me of a place where you can start looking. It’s only known to a rather obscure set; not to be repeated, and you will be in my debt.”
  • there is a story of a group of Magi in East of Europe who were seeking immortality and vampires that wanted to seek ability to walk during day. They teamed up, called up entities of lower depths (some say abyssal). They did a ritual and vampires wound up being obliterated but strength of souls. Mages found they could gain immortality via eating men’s souls. Reapers known as Tremere infected. Or Tremere for short. Never heard of a Tremere taking on curse against its will, but doesn’t mean it’s not impossible.
  • Weber says Zora was delightful.
  • As payment, Tower suggests that he tells Webber about the Underworld.
  • “How do you know what you know?” I suppose that’s part of the story.
  • Weber is interested most about the Burgess ghost and it’s masquerading and the river. He also tells him where we came up. He’ll also keep the conversation between them unless a string of unexpected soul losses occurs, then I can’t say that will hold.

Tower & Slate visit flame spirit

  • what are you doing?
  • ‘Burning’ Tower lights lighter. “Oooooo, burning.”
  • Tower understands spirit tongue when Caligiante uses it to talk with fire spirit.
  • Tower also gets Frigga’s advice for interacting with spirits when he tells her that he can see & interact with fire spirits
    • are fire spirits are more dangerous than other spirits here? They are aggressive anywhere fire holds sway; and fire and bloodshed make Chicago what it is, historically.
    • but fire is unpredictable and quick to change direction; leaps from one source of fuel to another. Probably attuned to fire in manner both metaphorical & thus spiritually, perhaps.
    • practical advice: make deals with them, anything moderately complex thought will always try to get the better hand; don’t reneg on a deal, be careful what you promise.
  • Kor is working security at AIC, she’s a former police officer



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